Meet Puzz! This beautiful boy came to the clinic at 2.5 years old. He Loves attention and playing with his yellow soccer ball! His family was ready to bring in a new family member and when they met Puzz they knew he would be the perfect fit!    

Im Molly, I was 12 years old when I came to the clinic, I love laying the sun and relaxing, I was adopted in 2018! 

Don't see your furry friend that you adopted through animals homeward bound? 

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Meet Mistletoe, this pretty lady was 5 years old when she came to the clinic. This cuddly and curious girl, found her loving forever home in 2018!

Meet Medusa! This pretty girl is  friendly with other cats and an absolute lovebug! Miss Medusa was a bit shy, but once she warmed up her kind, loving personality shined through, making it a very easy choice for her family! 

I'm Max, I came to the clinic at 11 years old! I was a little shy at first but loved chin scratches too much to not warm up to people, I was adopted in 2018!

Meet Hewy, Dewy and Lewy, they were 1 year old when they came to the clinic. They are brothers and an exotic breed cross. They were very nervous at first, but after lots of socialization and love they all found forever homes! 

​Animals Homeward


Hi my name is  Jixter, my fiery attitude needed a special home to fulfill all my needs. However, some wonderful humans, opened their hearts and home to me and I am now as happy as can be!

Meet Goose! This handsome man came to the clinic at 2 years old! He hooked his new parents in with his loving personality and is now living his best life in his forever home! 

I'm Tigger, my talkative, loveable personality made me the perfect fit for my family!

This is Loki, he was 4 years old when he came to the clinic. He loved attention, and is now loving life in his forever home! 

Hi I'm Rufio, I love being the centre of attention, and will demand pets if you dont give them to me. I got adopted in 2018, when I was 5 years old!

Hi my name is Indigo, I came to the clinic in November, 2020. My mom thought she would just be fostering me for a couple of weeks but I stole her heart and now I run the house and am living my best life in my forever home!​

Im Olivia, I was adopted by a wonderful person last year. I came to the clinic all the way from Georgia. Although I was quite shy, once I get to know you I am an absolute peach!

Meet Cujo, he came to the clinic when he was about 5 years old. This handsome man has diabetes but found his family that were happy to take care of his needs!

Im Mabel, I was only a year old when I was at the clinic, although a bit shy at first, I'm a sweet girl at heart. I got adopted in 2019!

Meet Athena, this cuddle bug loved her belly rubs, she was adopted to a loving family in 2019!